From the beginning.....

Monday, July 16, 2012

All is not lost, these legs are STILL moving!

I wanted to update my adoring masses, to let them know the running continues! Today will be runstreak day 236 I believe!

While I did want my last post to 'soak' as the primary content for a while, I didn't intend to leave the blog alone for such a long time.

I've continued to run, setting another personal record in the 1/2 marathon, running the Seattle Rock and Roll in June. It was a tremendous trip, finding a cheap flight, staying with friends in the area, missing the starting gun for the first time (HAD to go to the bathroom, was standing in line when the gun went off). I might have PR'd by more than a minute on the hilly course but I was in corral 9 instead of corral 2, still finishing in 1:36, a full minute faster than my Portland Rock and Roll PR in May (yay!). The Seattle trip, just like the run in Portland, was only possible because I had friends who essentially paid for everything, for that I'm tremendously grateful.

I'm now training for the Giant Race 1/2 marathon in September, gunning for a sub 1:30 time on the flat course. I'm running some hills, some longer runs (including my first 16 mile run), some faster and faster track workouts with my friends at A Runners Mind in Burlingame (if you're local, check them out!), getting back into the tempo runs and will drop down to about 165-170lbs for race weight.

I'll be mixing this all in with moving a little south on the peninsula here in San Francisco bay and continuing to search for work. The search for work has been the primary factor in the lack of blog content as I need to focus on finding employment if I want to continue running effectively. I needed new shoes probably 2 months ago for my daily running and only through the generosity of good friends was I able to get a fresh pair of Brooks Adrenaline's last week. They are making a WORLD of difference, let me tell you! Needless to say having the financial stability of a steady job will allow me to enter more races, replace some equipment, feed my body properly, and do some new and fun things with the blog.

I also don't have regular connection to the internet, I visit the local library and my favorite coffee shop, 3 Bees Coffee to do my work. The library is free, which is useful but a bit mind numbing (quiet). The coffee shop is great but I could afford internet at my apartment with what I spend on coffee. The coffee shop provides nice social interaction both with the owner and other baristas, as well as the customers, whom I've gotten to know reasonably well. This is why I continue to come to the coffee shop, if you are working, imagine a day without interaction with your coworkers. You don't really miss it until you don't have it, and I've been unemployed now for more than 6 months. It's worth more than the price of coffee.

Things I'm working on for the blog:

New logo
Better site design
Guest posts
Runner profiles
More video blogs
More creative content and posts
Merchandise based on the blog to fundraise various causes (including the blog)
Beer runner group for the Giant Race (to raise money for Project Open Hand as well as get local runners to join the race with me)
Runner pub crawl, possibly post Giant Race (would be awesome!)

I'm sure there is more I am working on or want to work on for the blog, but we'll cover that in a new post when it occurs to me.

I hope you are all getting out and exercising, running is excellent for so many things!

Keep on runnin'!